clary fray, the girl who stopped the war

You’re a Morgenstern.


That awkward moment when Jace realizes he can no longer insult Simon with ‘mundane’ or ‘bloodsucker’ or anything else in the history of name calling

“The way he looked at you. I got it then. He loved you, and it was killing him. He won’t get over you, Clary, he can’t.”


No one is more sassy than Jace, except Alec, he’s not your bitch.

"There was an excitement about him, an anticipation of the hunt that didn’t look to her as if he were as unhappy as he claimed. He’s killed more demons than anyone else his age. You didn’t kill that many demons by hanging back reluctantly from a fight.”


Everyone has the potential to be extraordinary. As long as you have a soul and free will, you can be anything, do anything, choose anything.

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